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Only 2% of Filipino IT graduates are employed yearly after graduation due to inadequate practical training and industry experience. Among those hired by companies, a significant percentage still undergo additional training for several months to address this lack in skills required by the industry.

To fill the IT industry gap in the Philippines, the Philippine and Japanese Governments through the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) established the UP Information Technology Training Center (UP ITTC).

The UP ITTC administers the one-year Certificate in Information Technology training program with emphasis on the following specializations: Applications Development, Network Systems, and Mobile Computing and Embedded Systems.

UP ITTC students gain a solid IT background complemented by effective business and communication skills. Half the curriculum is devoted to laboratory and workshop sessions, giving students ample hands-on experience.

The UP ITTC operates four computer laboratories: Applications Development Lab 1 and 2, Network Systems Lab, and Embedded Systems Lab.

UP ITTC curricula are developed by the Curriculum Working Group with members from the academe and ITTC industry partners.

UP ITTC industry partners offer full scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities after completion of the training program.

UP ITTC lecturers come from the different UP units and departments, other universities, and IT companies.

The UP ITTC also offers seminars and short courses on current technologies, special topics, and trends.

The UP ITTC also organizes the Y4iT: Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology every September, the largest gathering of IT enthusiasts from all over the country.